The national SCORE website has a lot of straightforward, easy to understand business templates. Several of them are included here. To see the full library, go to www.score.org

Business Plan for a Start-Up Business - click here

Business Plan for an Established Business - click here

Projected Balance Sheet - click here

Projected Profit and Loss - click here

12-Month Cash Flow - click here

12-Month Sales Forecast - click here

Competitive Analysis -  click here

Another good website about the “how tos” of writing a business plan is www.greatbusinessplans.com.  It will walk you through what information should be in each section of your plan, and has examples of what a well laid out plan looks like. 

If you want to download their fill-in-the-blank template you’ll have to pay about $30, but the background information on this site is worth a visit even if you don’t want to purchase the template.

Business Plan Drafted?   Now Proof It Using This Business Plan Checklist!

You've done the hard work of drafting your business plan, but now it's important to make sure it's complete and error free.  Click here to view and print a business plan checklist that will help ensure your plan is ready for presentation!